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    Centrum Wspinania CECHOWNIA działa od wiosny 2008 roku. Jest pierwszą ścianą wspinaczkową w Rybniku, otwartą dla każdego, bez względu na wiek i sprawność fizyczną. Zapraszamy osoby początkujące, dzieci i doświadczonych wspinaczy. Ściana oferuje wspinanie po pionach, w małym i dużym przewieszeniu, w okapach i zacięciach. Na przygotowanych drogach wspinaczkowych każdy znajdzie swój Everest, na miarę swoich sił i ambicji.
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    The Rydułtowy Fun Fair “RAFA” is a paradise for children and youngsters. There are plenty of attractions in this modern playground. The area for the youngest children includes sandboxes, original swings, merry-go-rounds, slides and climbing rope structures. The youth may enjoy a BMX track, a skate park and a climbing wall. Adults may find relaxation in shady bowers, or at the chess tables.
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    "Recreation Center" is a sports and entertainment park located in Marklowice, a village in the district of Wodzisław. The first stage of construction has already been completed. Locals and tourists (of all ages) can expect lots of attractions here, from a well-equipped playground for children, a skate park, climbing walls and chess tables. They can enjoy water attractions, such as fountains, a geyser, a mini pond, an island and an artificial waterfall.
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    Dziecięcy Park Linowy, to niezwykłe miejsce złożone z przeszkód linowych, zainstalowanych na wysokości 2-3 m pomiędzy drewnianymi domkami.
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    For some time, you have been able to feel in Żory as if you were in the Wild West, because the western-like theme park „Twinpigs" was created in the town. It is a unique place in the province of Silesia, embedded in a wild west atmosphere. It's not just a cowboy town, but first of all, a family amusement park with many attractions provided for the broad audience. This is the place where favorable conditions are created for leisure activities and fun throughout the year.