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  • Cultural Heritage
    The shelter in Wawok, which is a district of Rybnik, is part of the fortifications built by the Poles in 1939, in the last months before the Second World War. Next to it, there are two other shelters from that time. None of them was completed before the outbreak of the war, but all had their part in the defense campaign. In 2005-2007, the forgotten shelter was renovated by a group of the enthusiasts and it is occasionally open to the public.
  • Cultural Heritage
    Wodzisław Śląski
    "Romantic Tower" in Wodzislaw Śląski, also known as the Knights' Tower, is relatively a young building as for its name. In no way does it go back as far as to the Middle Ages, but it is a monument from the second half of the nineteenth century, i.e. the period of a fashion for Historicism. It was built by Edward Brauns, then owner of Wodzisław, and also a dreamer and lover of history.
  • Cultural Heritage
    Located in a strategic position on the Oder, from its inception onwards, Racibórz served important military functions. For this reason, there are many monuments, which should be of interest to fans of militaria. The most famous, of course, is the Racibórz Castle, but it is worthwhile to visit the hussar barracks. Here, we will see brick buildings with a command headquarters and a manege adorned with unique murals.
  • Cultural Heritage
    Of the impressive defense system of Racibórz, which was being constructed throughout the Middle Ages until the early Modern Times, a few fragments of the walls and the building known as the 'Tower Prison” have been preserved to this day. The tower is the most distinctive part of the city walls. Its image can be found on the logo of the city, as well as on the commemorative coin from 2007. The tower was built in the second half of the sixteenth century.